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If you are someone that owns more than one property, you would know the struggle of visiting one of your houses for a short stay to supposedly unwind and finding it covered in dust and having issues all over the house because of it not being used. Instead of having a quick and relaxing vacation, you end up wasting your time tidying up and cleaning the house, and before you know it, it’s already time to go home, and with you going back more tired than ever.

We at Bueno’s Cleaning Services value your precious time, which is why we take the cleaning out of your hands. We offer various topnotch cleaning services both for residential and commercial properties. We provide the best quality cleaning there is in the whole of Savannah, GA, and are one of the most highly-respected and recognized cleaning service providers in the area. We hire well-trained individuals and implore professional cleaning techniques that ensure excellent results for your property.

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What We Do In Our Owner Away Cleaning Service

Never come home to a dirty house again with our Owner Away Cleaning Service. We make sure that your home is cleaned, well-maintained, and ready for you anytime you wish to visit. Here are our service inclusions:

1. Remove All Dust and Cobwebs

We see to it that all your floors, walls, furniture, and appliances are rid of any dust particles and other dirt and microorganisms that build up during long periods.

2. Mopping and Wiping

We also mop the floors of all your rooms, hallways, stairs, and common areas. Additionally, we wipe clean your walls, tiles, and marble countertops.

3. Bathroom and Tile Scrubbing

Your bathroom, even when not in use, can accumulate bacteria, molds, and stains. We make sure to scrub all of these down, so your bathroom floor, walls, toilet, bathtub, and sink are squeaky clean. We also remove any foul odors that may be present.

4. Vacuum Cleaning

To make sure that we get all the dust away, we vacuum clean all rooms as well. We also vacuum your soft items like carpets, curtains, under the seat cushions, and built-in furniture such as cupboards, shelves, and closets.

5. Garbage Disposal

We see to it that all trash cans and ashtrays are emptied and sanitized before putting them back to their proper places. We also bring out the garbage when we leave, so it doesn’t leave a smell inside the house.

6. House Inspection

To ensure that everything is in tip-top shape when you arrive, we also do a thorough inspection of your whole house to check if there are any damages and issues so we can report it to you ASAP for any repairs you may want to arrange.

Keep Your House Safe And Clean Even When You’re Away With Bueno’s Cleaning Services

Getting your house cleaned and maintained by complete strangers can be unnerving, especially if you are far away to check in the property in question. If you are planning to hire cleaning services to take care of your house, make sure to check that the services you are employing are trustworthy and professional.

We, at Bueno’s Cleaning Services, are known all throughout Savannah, GA, not only for our excellent service but also for our well-trained and highly-dependable staff and cleaners as well. We assure you that your house will be clean and well-maintained at all times. You may book us weekly, monthly, or at any schedule and time you would prefer. With Bueno’s Cleaning Services, your homes are safe with us.

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