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Commercial Cleaning Services
For Business Establishments In Savannah, GA

Yes! We provide excellent office cleaning services. We understand the concerns everyone has with COVID, and we work hard with this in mind. We are taking steps beyond to provide peace of mind for every worker in your office. We are disinfecting all desk, table, and counter surfaces and sanitizing rooms and bathrooms with care.

Bueno’s Cleaning Services provides a healthy and safe environment that will enable your business to welcome your own employees, guests, and clientele to a stress-free environment with less worry of health concerns.

What does Bueno’s Provide With
Our Office Cleaning Services?

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services We Offer


We vacuum all of the floors thoroughly, and wash the floors where it is needed.


We sanitize every desk surface without disturbing your paperwork. You may want to let your staff know before we come so we can fully sanitize the desk surface without touching any paperwork.


We wipe down, dust or vacuum every piece of furniture as needed.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Your bathrooms and kitchens are where people spend time and we at Bueno’s Cleaning know these areas are critical when it comes to sanitizing for health especially with our current environment. We thoroughly clean and disinfect these areas with care. Furthermore, we will put any used dishes in the dishwasher, or rinse and stack dirty dishes in the sink. We do suggest to ask workers to maintain a healthy environment and not leave dirty dishes or food out that would need disposal.


Any reachable lighting like desk lamps or reachable florescent lighting is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

Additional Cleaning

We seek to clean any kind of additional areas in the office that may not get a lot of traffic. We look to clean any kind of cobwebs or spots that may look unpleasing to the eye.

Our goal is for you, your employees, and clientele to feel clean, comfortable and healthy in the place that Buenos has performed our office cleaning services.

We are serious when it comes to thoroughly disinfecting and sanitizing your office.

We operate throughout the metropolitan Savannah, Georgia area. We likewise cover Chatham, Effingham, and Bryan Counties.

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